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Website, Emails, Newsletters, Friday Folders, One Call

Website, Emails, Newsletters, Friday Folders, One Call

Information about all facets of TFCA are shared on the website.  Additionally, social media accounts run on a loop on the website.

Emails -
Teachers send most of their communication regarding student progress, concerns, field trips, etc. via email  
Teachers will try to respond to all emails from parents within 48 hours.  If sent during the day, they will not necessarily be able to respond while teaching.  If sent after school hours, they will respond within the next school day if at all possible.

Newsletters -
Elementary teachers send weekly newsletters home via Friday folders.

Friday Folders
Elementary teachers send graded work, weekly memory work, spelling words and newsletters home each week.

One Call
This is the system we utilize to inform everyone school wide about important information - school closings due to weather, health and safety alerts, and more.  This will send email, text and phone call to the contact information on record for each student.
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