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Lunch Program


TFCA offers the following options for lunches to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors:

Little Caesar's Pizza [Mondays]. 2 slices of pizza a drink and a side is a meal and will be charged $6.50 

Taco Tuesdays - rotation of meals that provide Tacos and Nachos on rotating basis

Chick-fil-A [Wednesdays] - Choice of 8 count nuggets or chicken sandwich served with a bag of chips and a side item (i.e.: fruit, veggie, or yogurt)

Evergreen Pasta [1st and 3rd Thursday] penne noodles with your choice of alfredo, Marinara or butter served with 1 garlic bread and 1 side and 1 drink

Evergreen [2nd and 4th Thursday] chicken and waffles served with a drink

Domino's Pizza [1st and 3rd Fridays]  If you purchase 2 slices of pizza a drink and a side that is a meal and will be charged $6.50

Cookout 2nd and 4th Friday:  choice of Double burger, Pulled pork BBQ  served with chips, 2 corn dogs, 2 chicken and cheese quesadillas (burger comes with choice of toppings cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles) served with chips, 1 side and 1 drink

Sandwich Meals [All days] – Choice of Ham/Cheese or Turkey/Cheese on sub bun, or Smucker’s Uncrustable Sandwich (5.3 oz.) served with chips, a fruit or veggie, and a dairy side (i.e.: string cheese or yogurt)

A la Carte Items:
  • ½ pint carton of Milk (white or chocolate) = $1.00                 
  • bottled water = $1.00                    
  •  Juice = $1.00          
  • Side option (May include yogurt, carrot sticks, or fresh fruit, etc.) =$1.00  
  • Add’l slice of pizza (offered Monday/Friday ONLY) = $2.00
  • Nuggets/Chicken sandwich only (offered Wednesday ONLY) = $5.50
  • Cook-Out entrees only = $4.50
  • Sandwich only:  ham/cheese, turkey/cheese or PB & J = $3.50

Cost of  meals: $6.50 except chic-fil-a is $7.00
All Meals include a drink. Students will have the choice between water, milk (white or chocolate), or juice. Additional drinks can be purchased a la carte for $1.00 each.

Lunch orders can be submitted to the student's homeroom teacher on Monday or online via ParentsWeb by parents by Sunday evening. We will also send the order forms (below) home weekly with Elementary students in the Friday Folders.

Lunch Money
Lunch accounts are handled by our Finance Office. Parents have two options for lunch accounts:  they may pay in advance and/or they may be billed monthly through FACTS.

Monthly Billing Option - parents will be sent a bill each month and an auto-draft for the balance will occur on the 30th of each month. See the Finance Officer for the auto-draft paperwork.

Pre-Pay Option- parents may send in cash or check (payable to TFCA) weekly, monthly, etc., and then be automatically emailed when your students account runs out. Unpaid balances will be auto-drafted on the 30th of each month.  

Please contact Kelly Douglas (Lunch Coordinator), kelly.douglas@mytfca.org  in the cafeteria with any questions regarding orders or Ashley McReynolds, in our Finance office, [email protected], for any billing questions.

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