Voice Recognition



Drama classes at TFCA are offered during the first semester.  At the beginning of the year a play is chosen and students are given an opportunity to audition.  The selected cast meets several times each week during our exploratory period to rehearse.   The play is presented to the school and in an evening performance near the end of the semester.   The drama department at TFCA also offers a spring musical every year.  Auditions are open to upper elementary through high school.  The selected cast rehearse several days a week after school, culminating with a multiple day performance at the end of March.   The drama classes and spring musical at TFCA give students a wonderful opportunity to hone their skills and perform for others.  It builds confidence and raises students self-esteem.  It equips students with the ability to stand before others and share their talents and abilities.  Our hope is that in building these characteristics, students will enter into the world ready to share their gifts and abilities with others.  And through that sharing will also bring an opportunity where they can share the love of Christ.           

The middle school art classes take a closer look at the elements of art and principles of design.  Students look at famous works of art and analyze how the different elements and principles have been used.  They are then given an opportunity to use those elements and principles as building blocks for their own art work.   Once again we view God as the ultimate creator and giver of our artistic and creative gifts.  We hope to build in each student a joy of art, and a viewpoint that allows them to find the artistic design in each of God's creations.


General Music

  • We learn a variety of sports and skills to help students develop healthy bodies, and promote positive attitudes toward lifetime physical activity and fitness.  The following are units that are covered:

    *Physical Fitness Test
    *Cooperative Games (learning to work together to complete an activity/task)
    *Tag games (chasing and fleeing)

    Sport Skills--
    *Roller Skating

  • Health - concentrates on the whole child - physical, mental, social and spiritual.  Topics include hygiene, body image, physical fitness, mental clarity, drugs/alcohol, food and nutrition and more.


  • In 6th and 7th Grade Spanish Exploratory, we study the importance of the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 19-20) by highlighting the Reconquista, Spain's 774-year struggle against the Muslim Moors to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula for Christianity, as well as Spain's tremendous devotion to bringing God's Word to all the native peoples it conquered during the exploration, conquest, and settlement of the New World.

  • In 6th Grade Spanish Exploratory, we focus on the geography, history, culture, and customs of the people of Spanish America.

  • In 7th Grade Spanish Exploratory, we focus on the geography, history, art, literature, music, and customs of the people of Spain.

Academic team prep

Lego Robotics

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