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Frequently Asked Questions about TFCA's School Calendar

 Q:  How many days are in our yearly school calendar?
A:  We have at least 173 instructional days and 11 teacher professional development/in-service days in our school calendar in addition to paid holidays.

Q:  How many days are we required to have in our school calendar?
A:  Per KRS 158.080 schools are required to go a minimum of 170 days with a minimum of 6 hours of instruction.  The total instructional hours must meet 1,062.  TFCA typically exceeds the minimum with an average of 6.5-7 hours of instructional time built into the day.

Q:  Does our calendar match the county public school calendar?
A:  No, we typically set our calendar for the next school year in December. We started this at the request of many parents that have to submit request for vacation and time off a year in advance. The county school system typically doesn’t publish their calendar until mid-late Spring for the following year. Our spring and fall breaks are typically at the same time, but we do not always start on the same day or align perfectly with their breaks/days off for students.

Q:  Do we go more days than area public schools?
A:  Yes. Many of the area public schools only plan for 160-170 in person school instructional days in their calendar (by using NTI days). Our Board and Administration have kept our number of days at 173-175 when other districts have dropped theirs.

Q:  Why do we have a fall break? Where did that start?
A:  Several years ago, area schools began the tradition of a fall break. TFCA adopted that tradition as well. We have received input from parents that many prefer to vacation at fall break instead of summer as the cost is lower and the timing is less of a conflict for work and sports. 

Q:  Why do we go more days than area schools?
A:  As with many other areas of our school, we do not strive to only meet MINIMUM standards. There are many benefits of having days built into our calendar. First of all, it allows us flexibility with snow days and delays due to weather. As long as we do not dip below the 1,062 hours and 170 required days, we would not be required to make up missed school days. Secondly, we are able to extend flexibility and grace to families who choose to take students out of school for non-school sponsored activities and vacations. Third, we want to be able to have as much instructional time with our students as possible!

Q:  How is the school calendar adopted each year?
A:  The proposed calendar is constructed sometime in mid-November. Administration reviews it, often with teacher/staff input. It is presented to the  Board of Directors meeting in December for review. It is shared with the faculty and staff after that and then shared with parents and students. It is also posted on the school website at that time.

Q:  If I have a question or concern regarding the school calendar, where should I direct that question?
A:  Our administration is happy to answer any questions/concerns about the school calendar. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Tigges!


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