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Visual Arts at TFCA

All students in TK through 5th grade have weekly art classes.
  • In elementary art we study the elements of art and various famous artist.  We emphasize in each class that God is the ultimate creator, and we are his finest creation.  Because we are created in his image, He has given to each of us an ability to create.  In elementary art we try to build confidence in our artistic abilities and find the joy and pride that comes from completing a work of art.

Students in 6th and 7th grades take art as part of their exploratory rotations.

  • The middle school art classes take a closer look at the elements of art and principles of design.  Students look at famous works of art and analyze how the different elements and principles have been used.  They are then given an opportunity to use those elements and principles as building blocks for their own art work.   Once again we view God as the ultimate creator and giver of our artistic and creative gifts.  We hope to build in each student a joy of art, and a viewpoint that allows them to find the artistic design in each of God's creations.

Students in 8th - 12th grade are eligible to enroll in Art I, II and Independent Study Art classes.

  • The high school art classes give TFCA students an opportunity to explore various art materials and designs.  Students work in sketchbooks and on various projects throughout the year.  All of the ART I students are given an opportunity to paint a ceiling tile that will be used in the art room or the library.  Art II students have begun painting murals through out the school building. 

TFCA hosts one art night per semester to showcase student pieces.

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