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How do I contact the school?
You may call (502) 695-0744 (Office Hours are Monday-Friday 7:15am-5:30pm). Admission inquiries may be directed to [email protected]. General inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

What grade levels are offered at The Frankfort Christian Academy?
The Academy offers Preschool (3 & 4 year-olds) through 12th Grade.

What is the current enrollment at TFCA?
As of August 2018, we have 280 students (PK3-12).

Is The Frankfort Christian Academy accredited?
The Frankfort Christian Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, AdvancED, and the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission.

Where is TFCA located?
1349A US Hwy 421 S (Get directions)

What academic qualifications do the teachers hold?
All teachers at The Frankfort Christian Academy hold a minimum of a B.A. and valid teaching credentials consistent with the requirements of the Association of Christian Schools International.  Most teachers hold higher degrees related to their field of study and expertise.  

What about tuition?
We currently (August 2017) offer three types of payment plans for K-High School parents and guardians:
  • A 12-month payment plan, requires monthly payments which begin in June and continue through May of the next year.
  • A 10-month plan, requires monthly payments which begin in August and run through May of the next year.
  • A 2% discount payment plan, which requires payment in full made prior to the close of business (5:00pm) June 1st of the current school year.

For multi-student families, a tuition discount is offered for each additional child enrolled in TK-12th grade. The child in the highest grade level enrolled is always considered the first child.

  • First child = 0% discount
  • Second child = 15% discount
  • Each additional child = 40% discount

For more information about this, see Parent/Student Handbook.

Does TFCA have a tuition assistance policy?
Yes. Funds are available for a limited number of applicants. The amount of assistance is objectively calculated and is based upon the parent's ability to pay. Information may be picked up in the Finance office. Read more about Tuition Assistance here.

Are there any spiritual qualifications required of staff members?
Administrators, teachers, and all other employees of The Frankfort Christian Academy must give testimony to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and must be faithful members of an evangelical church.

What is the average teacher to student ratio?
The objective of TFCA is to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio; therefore, each Kindergarten class shall not exceed 16 students and an instructional aide will be placed in the classroom if a class size of 17 is reached. Each class in grades 1-12 shall not exceed 20 students. Realizing that there can be situations that merit exceeding these class size limits, each increase must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Does TFCA conduct parent interviews prior to student admission?
Upon receipt of a completed application for admission and payment of the $150.00 Enrollment Fee per student, the appropriate administrator will schedule an interview. The purpose of the interview is to allow the development of a personal relationship between family and school, explain the policies of The Frankfort Christian Academy, and the sharing of information which would enable the school to best meet the child's needs if accepted into the school.

Does TFCA have a Parent-Teacher organization?
Yes, it is called Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) and is organized into several committees consisting of parents who address many facets of school activities and growth.

Does TFCA have a discrimination policy?
A student's race, color, national or ethnic origin is not a consideration for acceptance into the full programs and activities at TFCA.

What types of sports and extracurricular activities does TFCA have?
The Frankfort Christian Academy participates in girls' and boys' basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, cheerleading, dance, archery, volleyball, baseball, track and field and tennis (see Athletics). Student groups and co-curricular activities include Drama, Governor's Cup Academic Team, Book Club, National Jr. Honor Society, Beta Club, Pep (Spirit) Club, Chess Club, Games Club,  and Student Activities.

Does the Academy have an After School program?
Yes, the After School Program is offered as a service to our families who need care for their children following regular school hours. The TFCA After School Program is available to all students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

2017-18 School year info:  Any student not picked up by 3:25pm will be considered a program participant. Parents/Guardians will be billed at a rate of $5.00 per hour, billed in half hour increments (per student). A late fee of $5.00 will be applied for every 15 minute period past 5:30 pm, $10.00 for the second 15 minute period, and $20.00 for the third 15 minute period. The TFCA Finance Office will prepare monthly After School statements. Charges will be totaled according to the hours a student participated in the program. Once the invoice is received, parents/guardians will be given seven days to report any discrepancies. All payments are made through automatic bank drafts.

What is the procedure for morning and afternoon car lines for arrival and departure?
Morning Drop Off:
Students who are dropped off by parents in the morning are dropped off at the WEST entrance under the canopy.  Parents pull up to the curb and staff are there to greet and make sure students get inside the building safely.

Parents who wish to walk their children into the building may do so through the main front doors of the school.

Afternoon Dismissal:
Students with last names that begin with A through M are dismissed at the PURPLE ZONE (WEST ENTRANCE). 

Students with last names that begin with N-Z are dismissed at the GOLD ZONE (atrium entrance near the front).

Parents or guardians are given a car tag with a number.  Staff call out names and students are walked to cars.  If a staff member does not recognize someone picking a student up, they will ask to see a Driver's License and verify that person is on the approved pick-up list.

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