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High School


High School Graduation Requirements:

4 English            3 Science
4 Math                3 History
4 Bible                1 PE (.5 credit)
1 Computer        1 Health (.5 credit)
1 Fine Arts (Art, Chorus, Drama) (.5 credit)
College and Career Prep (.5 credit)

**2 years of Foreign Language are required for Pre-College diploma

High School Course Offerings:

English I, II, III, IV; (Honors available at all levels)
Bible I, II, III, IV
Introduction to Chemistry/Physics (Honors available)
Biology (Honors available)
Chemistry (Honors available)
Physics (offered on rotation)
Anatomy and Physiology (offered on rotation)
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Personal Finance
Spanish I, II, III, IV, V
Economics, Government, World History, US History, European History (all offer Honors; AP offered in Government, World and US)
Drama, Chorus, Health, PE, Art I, Art II, Creative Writing, Public Speaking
College and Career Prep class
Computer I
AP Computer Science
Psychology and Sociology
College courses offered AT TFCA:
English 101 and 102
College Algebra
Elementary Probability and Statistics
Aide positions
Online course offerings

TFCA has an agreement with BCTC and Kentucky State University for dual credit courses.  Students may take courses online, on campus or a hybrid class.  Students may take 2 courses per semester as Juniors and Seniors.

TFCA covers the cost of college tuition for dual credit courses as part of student tuition.  

Students must meet minimum GPA, behavior and testing requirements for eligibility.
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