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High School English Courses

9/10 Honors English I
Students will study the following:  grammar; multiple writing styles including short story, drama, poetry, essay, non-fiction articles; vocabulary and spelling; Latin roots; literary terminology and application.  Students will develop more advanced responses to literature, write a persuasive essay, and participate in an outside writing competition. Students will also do an independent reading for each quarter of their choice from our class library - one from each of the following sections: classic fiction, drama, nonfiction, and modern fiction. Students will keep a reading journal for each book, choosing from the assigned prompts each week. We will have one in-class novel for each quarter for which students will complete various assignments, tests, and quizzes (Of Mice and Men, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, Rocket Boys, Fahrenheit 451, Becoming Odyssa, The Elephant Man, Our Town, The Odyssey, The Sound and the Fury, The Glass Menagerie, and Antigone are among the alternating possibilities). We will focus on one work of Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, or Julius Caesar). A year-end project and presentation will be completed (over their choice of all the books we’ve read) that focuses on allusion, motif, theme, symbolism, plot, character, setting, archetypes, etc. as per instructions. Biblical integration and utilization of supporting resources and technology will be present throughout our study.

9/10 grade English

British Literature Survey Composition

American Literature Survey and Composition

English 101 and 102
Dual credit course offerings that concentrate on analysis of literature, grammar and writing composition.  Students receive credit from a college as well as TFCA.  Completion of both courses yields 6 college credits and 1 high school credit.
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