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4th/5th Grade

Fourth and Fifth Grade Classes

Our fourth and fifth grade students rotate between four teachers for their core classes.  The purpose of this is to better prepare those students for when they matriculate to middle school.  Teachers not only teach academic subjects, including bible, but focus on equipping students to take notes, learning to do study guides by themselves, highlighting vital information, being responsible for their student planners and keeping up with necessary materials when they switch classes.

Students go on a field trip to 4H camp in the spring.  This field trip supports their content areas and students learn material for science, social studies and fine arts.

  • 4th grade:   In Bible we focus on every student developing a Christian worldview through the understanding that God tells His great story in the Bible. God's Word is truth. God loves everyone. Everyone needs to come to a saving faith in Jesus,  maintaining Christ like behavior, evangelism, ministry, stewardship, and apologetics. We emphasize Bible study, prayer and worship as necessary disciplines for spiritual growth.

  • 5th grade:  Bible we work through a chronological survey of major  Old Testament events. As we study each event and person in Biblical history, we see God’s plan for His people. We also discuss how the Old Testament foretells the coming of the Messiah and how these events apply to our lives today.


  • 4th/5th grade Language Arts:   The students will read a wide variety of genre, novels and short stories.  Students will improve comprehension and critical reading skills through interpreting literature with the literary elements and inquiry- based activities.  In addition, the writing instruction will focus on sentence structure, paragraph development, and multi-paragraph writing.  Students will write pieces that include persuasion, letter writing, essay, opinion, non-fiction, short stories, myths, and poetry.


  • 4th grade:  In math, students learn about place value, prime and composite numbers, factors and multiples, multiplication and division, comparing fractions, and area and perimeter with a hands-on approach by using math rotations and project-based-learning.
  • 5th grade:  In math, students learn about numerical expressions, place value, patterns, fractions, decimals, multi-digit number operations, measurement, data, and geometry with a hands-on approach by using math rotations and project-based-learning.


  •  4th grade:  In science we engage in the understanding that God is the Creator and sustainer of the universe (Col. 1:16-17). Establishing foundational science facts and skills that include the processes involved in the scientific method for units such as Living Things, Insects and Spiders, Plants, Forces and Machines, Electricity, Light, The Moon, Weathering and Erosion, The Earth's Resources, Digestive Systems, Bones and Muscles.
  • 5th grade:  In science we identify the orderliness and precision of God's creation (Eccles. 3:1-7), inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of God's creation and challenge students to be good stewards of God's creation. We continue building on the foundational science facts and skills that include the processes involved in the scientific method for units such as Minerals and Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs, Matter, Energy and Heat, Weather, Biomes, Ecosystems, Sound, Light and Human Body Systems.


  • 4th grade:  Students will concentrate on American History and gain a deeper understanding of basic geography skills, how the U.S. government works, explorers, Colonial America, Revolutionary War and Early American history, Civil War, Reconstruction and into World War I and II.

  • 5th grade:  Students will learn about World History by studying the continents, countries, regions and cultures of our world.  They will learn about ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Chinese, Indian and early European history.  They will explore the connections between ancient world history and our world today along with a basic understanding of other major world religions.  This pairs well with 5th grade Bible and many units go hand in hand throughout the year.

Our fourth and fifth  grade students have an opportunity to compete in the KAAC Governor's Cup Academic team competition each year against other area schools.  Students compete in written assessments (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts and Humanities), quick recall, future problem solving and written composition.

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