Voice Recognition



 Elective Offerings:

ART I and II
The high school art classes give TFCA students an opportunity to explore various art materials and designs.  Students work in sketchbooks and on various projects throughout the year.  All of the ART I students are given an opportunity to paint a ceiling tile that will be used in the art room or the library.  Art II students have begun painting murals through out the school building. 

Drama classes at TFCA are offered during the first semester.  At the beginning of the year a play is chosen and students are given an opportunity to audition.  The selected cast meets several times each week during our exploratory period to rehearse.   The play is presented to the school and in an evening performance near the end of the semester.   The drama department at TFCA also offers a spring musical every year.  Auditions are open to upper elementary through high school.  The selected cast rehearse several days a week after school, culminating with a multiple day performance at the end of March.   The drama classes and spring musical at TFCA give students a wonderful opportunity to hone their skills and perform for others.  It builds confidence and raises students self-esteem.  It equips students with the ability to stand before others and share their talents and abilities.  Our hope is that in building these characteristics, students will enter into the world ready to share their gifts and abilities with others.  And through that sharing will also bring an opportunity where they can share the love of Christ.           

Computer I

AP Computer Science

This is a basic introduction to psychology course that covers brain development, research, disorders, senses, methodology, consciousness, thinking and learning, intelligence, personality, stress and substance abuse.  

Home Economics 
Students learn basic food prep and planning, sewing, budgeting and organizational skills.

Students learn safety skills and how to handle basic woodworking tools.  They will build several individual projects such as bookcases, tables, wall shelf and stools.

College and Career Prep
This is a course required for all Seniors.  It blends visits with college representatives, writing college applications and essays, test prep, and college preparedness.  There are also life skills lessons -  changing a tire, checking fluids in your car, preparing meals, budgeting, basic sewing, finding an apartment, etc.

Creative Writing

Health -
We learn the 4 components of health--physical, mental, social, and spiritual.

  • Physical--
Body Systems, Nutrition, Exercise/Fitness, Communicable/Non-Communicable Diseases

  • Mental--
Coping with Stress and Anxiety, Self-Image, Handling depression and other illnesses

  • Social--
Hygiene, Safety and First Aid, Social skills, Responsibilities as a Christian, as a person, and as a citizen, Making friends and being a good friend,
Saying "NO!" to drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, sex outside of marriage, Marriage and children, Aging and the Golden Years

  • Spiritual--
Establishing personal prayer and quiet time, Understanding Discipline and living a consistent christian life, Having a vision for your life, Living a life pleasing to God, The Afterlife for us as Christians
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