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6th and 7th grade classes use Purposeful Design math curriculum.  Teachers utilize a spiral review of previously taught concepts in addition to teaching new concepts each week. This helps students master key concepts necessary to progress to the next level.

6th grade math
Regular works through the math book mastering concepts related to multiplying and dividing fractions, factoring, exponents and more.

Honors math works through the math book fully mastering ratios, patterns, factoring, introducing binomials, some algebraic functions and more.

Some 7th grade students take pre-Algebra.

In 8th grade, typically some students are in Algebra I and the remaining students take pre-Algebra.
This course will place a strong emphasis on the continued study of integers, order of operations, variables, expressions, and equations.  Students will solve and graph equations and inequalities, write and solve proportions, and explore geometry, statistics, and graph concepts.  Problem solving will be emphasized throughout the course.
Algebra I
This course is designed to emphasize the study of multiple representations of linear and non-linear functions.  It includes mathematical concepts for working with rational numbers, various expressions, analyzing and solving linear equations & inequalities, data analysis, probability, statistics, and polynomials.  Students will use hands-on materials and calculators when needed in solving problems where the algebra concepts are applied. 
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