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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  What should my student wear on the first day of school?
ANSWER:  Students should wear the regular uniform (k-8th) or standardized dress code on the first day of school.  For details on the dress code information, please refer to the dress code information located in "The Basics for 2022-23" section HERE.

QUESTION:  At what time will my student be counted tardy?
ANSWER:  The tardy bell will ring at 8:05 am.  Students are expected to be in their homeroom at that time or they will be counted tardy.  Elementary students should go straight to homeroom when dropped off in the mornings at the PURPLE or GOLD doors.  MS/HS students MAY go to their lockers, however, if they are not here with sufficient time to do so, please encourage them to go straight to homeroom and they will be able to go to their locker between homeroom and 1st period classes.

QUESTION:  How do I get my child's schedule?
ANSWER:  Schedules for MS/HS students will be available at the Back to School Open House night.  Students are allowed to request schedule changes through the Guidance Counselor office throughout the first full week of school.

QUESTION:  Do I buy textbooks?
ANSWER:  Textbooks are provided for all students k-12.  Some students may be asked to purchase a novel for a class or supporting resources for specific classes (example: AP workbook, Bible, etc.) but the main textbooks are provided.

QUESTION:  How do I sign my student out/in during the school day?
ANSWER:  Please come to the school and inside the main front doors of the school to the front office.  Our receptionist will call students to the office to check out and sign them out of the student information system.  If you are dropping them off during the school day, please walk them in to sign back in and leave a school excuse note from doctor/orthodontist/dentist, etc. with the receptionist.  Please do NOT text/call your student to come to the office.  They are not supposed to have their cell phone on them in class.

QUESTION: Does TFCA offer before/after school care?
ANSWER:  Before school, students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 am and go to their homeroom class.  After school, students may stay for the after school care program from 3:30-5:30 pm.  Information about that program can be found here.

QUESTION:  How do I see my student's grades, homework assignments, etc.?
ANSWER:  Parents may via student discipline, attendance, grades and assignments in PARENTSWEB.  Students also have a Google Classroom for each class and work, assignments, etc. are posted there.

QUESTION:  What do I need to do if I want to chaperone a field trip or volunteer at school?
ANSWER:  All volunteers, which includes field trips, even if driving your own student, MUST have a background check on file.  Please fill one out online here:  https://www.coeusglobal.com/council_ky_tfca
Additionally, parents will fill out a Field Trip Driver form and submit a copy of their driver's license and current vehicle insurance card.
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