Voice Recognition

Second Grade


  • Second grade Bible studies character traits of various people in the Bible with application to student's life.  The focus of second grade Bible is also learning to navigate and find scripture in the Bible.


  • Second graders further develop foundational reading skills focusing on chapter books, rich literature, inference skills, cause and effect, making predictions, and understanding basic literary elements.  They write several core pieces throughout the year.  They concentrate on spelling, handwriting and grammar skills necessary to master core content.  They read Charlotte's Web and have a whole day of activity devoted to the culmination of that unit.  Students dress up as one of the characters from the book.


  • Second grade math focuses on mastering addition and subtraction facts as well as introducing multiplication.  Telling time, counting money, estimation, reading and creating graphs, and adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers.
    Students learn through guided math centers/stations that include:  manipulatives, technology, small group with teacher, whole class instruction and individual practice.


  • Second grade Science incorporates a Christian worldview by showing God's nature and man's responsibility as revealed through creation.  Second graders study living and non/living things, creation vs evolution, sources of light, force and motion, and the skeletal and muscular systems.  A culminating field trip to the Zoo is always a highlight of second grade.


  • Second graders learn about businesses and start their own businesses each year.  This is a highlight for students and they use the money they raise to bless their partner in ministry for the year.  
    Students learn about their family tree and study our faith and heritage in our families.
    Students learn foundational geography skills about our world, country and regions. 
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