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Continuous Enrollment FAQ

Continuous Enrollment FAQ

What is Continuous Enrollment?

Continuous Enrollment is a process that is positive, paperless, and convenient.

Instead of families having to "OPT-IN" each year for enrollment, after the initial agreement for enrollment is signed, families will not have to submit another re-enrollment agreement unless they choose to withdraw, or "OPT-OUT" of enrollment.  

Continuous Enrollment will automatically enroll students for the subsequent school year.

TFCA wants to convey the message to families that we want your children to receive a Christ-centered education from preschool through 12th grade.  We also want to make that continued enrollment as easy and seamless as possible.

Why Continuous Enrollment?

The Frankfort Christian Academy (TFCA) normally has 85-90% of its students re-enroll each year.  We realize the majority of our families choose to remain at TFCA through graduation, so we are moving towards a more simplified process to serve them better!

What is the difference between the initial year and each subsequent year?

In the initial year (2022-23), current families (preschool-11th grade) will need to:

  • Complete, sign and submit your Continuous Enrollment Agreement (in ParentsWeb) for each child returning to TFCA for the 2022-23 school year by February 15.
  • Review/Establish a FACTS SIS account for the Annual Re-enrollment/Committment Fee, tuition payments, incidental payments, etc.

Moving forward, the typical re-enrollment season (January-February) will simply be a time when TFCA shares the approved tuition rates for the new academic year and a reminder about the designated OPT-OUT period.  

In coming years, families will not have to complete another re-enrollment agreement.  It will simply be a matter of the school deducting the Annual Re-enrollment/Commitment Fee on February 15.  This step will also guarantee the student's enrollment for the following academic year.

Will I need to complete a Continuous Enrollment Agreement for every school year?

No.  After the initial submission of the Continuous Enrollment Agreement, current students will remain enrolled until graduation, they OPT-OUT, or withdraw.

What are the benefits of Continuous Enrollment?

First, it simplifies the process.  TFCA highly values our partnership with families.  We want to simplify the re-enrollment process so that it is no longer a tedious annual task that requires completing online forms when much, if not all, of the information stays the same from year to year and from child to child.

Second, Continuous Enrollment guarantees placement for your student in the next year's grade level.  As we continue to see increased enrollment, we are at or near waitlist in many grades.  Utilizing Continuous Enrollment allows you to lock down a spot for your child until graduation.

Are there new terms/definitions associated with this process?
YES.  They are:

Continuous Enrollment Agreement is the document families complete the initial year.  This signifies their continuous enrollment through graduation (or withdrawal.)  "Continuous Enrollment Agreement" replaces "Statement of Financial Commitment" and "Re-enrollment Application".

Annual Commitment Fee is the fee deducted each year to confirm a family's commitment to return to TFCA for the following school year.  It will replace the "Re-enrollment Fee."  

Annual Verification Form will be the new online document used to capture information prior to the start of the school year.  This form will capture:
  • Handbook Review and Affirmation (all parents and MS/HS students)
  • Demographic Changes
  • Permission Forms:  Emergency Contacts - Acceptable Use Policy for Technology - Media Consent - Authorized Pickup
  • Permission to Treat for Emergency Medical Issues & Transportation

What is the Annual Commitment Fee?

The Annual Commitment Fee (previously referred to as the re-enrollment fee), lets TFCA know that your family is financially committed to having your children enroll at TFCA for the next academic year.  The fee is non-refundable and secures your children's spots for the following year.  The school will deduct your fee from your family's FACTS Tuition Management when you submit your student's online agreement.  In subsequent years, it will be deducted on or around February 15 when the OPT-OUT period ends. 

Re-enrollment/Annual Commitment Fee


This fee is required for each new student applying to TFCA. This non-refundable fee covers application processing and testing materials. A $50 discount is available to students/families that attend a TFCA Admission Open House or TFCA Student Shadow day on or before May 31, 2024.


This fee is required for each current Pre-K student re-enrolling in the TFCA Pre-K program for the 2022-2023 school year. The re-enrollment fee increases to $175.00 after February 15, 2024.


This fee is required for each current TFCA student re-enrolling in grades TK-12 for the 2022-2023 school year. 

The re-enrollment fee is $60.00 through February 15, 2024.

Is the Annual Committment Fee refundable?

No.  Once paid, the Annual Commitment Fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Does my family have to have a FACTS Tuition Management Account?

Yes, all TFCA families must establish and maintain a FACTS Tuition Management account for tuition payments, the Annual Commitment Fee and incidental fees.

What happens if I have not signed/submitted my Continuous Enrollment Agreement by February 15?

If you have not submitted the Continuous Enrollment Agreement by February 15, your children will not have a reserved spot for the 2022-23 school year.

What happens if I want my child/children to return after the February 15 deadline?

If spots are available, you will be asked to complete the Continuous Enrollment Agreement and submit the applicable Annual Commitment Fee (which will have increased from $60 to $85 or $110 depending on the date).  At that time, your child/children will then be considered enrolled.

What is the difference between "opting-out" and "withdrawing"?

Opting-out is a designated time for families to notify the school of their plans not to return for the new academic school year.  
The opt-out period is from January 10-February 14.  When a family "opts-out" their Continuous Enrollment Agreement concludes at the end of that current school year.  The family will not be charged an Annual Commitment Fee nor the next school year's tuition.  In addition, a spot will not be reserved for the applicable student(s).  

A withdrawal occurs outside of the "opt-out period."  To withdraw your child at any time for the current or following school year, you must complete the TFCA Withdrawal Form and pay any applicable withdrawal penalties/fees.

What if I have multiple students attending TFCA?  Will I submit one Continuous Enrollment Agreement or complete a form for each student?

You will complete one agreement for each of your students.

Do both parents have to complete the online forms?

If the parents are married, only one parent has to complete the process.

If the parents are divorced, the system should look to see who completed the agreement last year.  (The system typically defaults to the parent who resides with the student.)  This parent is considered the "primary" parent.  He/she will register the student, and set-up the family's payment information.  

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact [email protected].

What are parents agreeing to when submitting the Continuous Enrollment Form?

By submitting the online form, parents acknowledge agreement to the statements and policies pertaining to:
  • Student placement
  • Financial policies
  • School rules and regulations
  • Statement of Faith
  • Matthew 18 Principle for Conflict Resolution
  • Effective date of the agreement

What if I have more questions?
For admissions related questions:  [email protected]
For financial aid, FACTS Tuition Management and other finance related questions:  [email protected] 

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