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Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten

  • Transitional Kindergarten is designed for those students who are ready for kindergarten legally by AGE (5 before August 1) but just need a little extra time to work on skills, maturity or social interaction.  In some cases, a student who will turn 5 between August 1 and October 1 MAY be considered eligible for TK, but must go through the admissions placement testing process for this consideration.  Any student NOT meeting the age requirement by August 1 typically will be eligible and placed in our 4 year old preschool program. 
  • Instruction is differentiated to meet the wide range of individual student abilities. The teacher will assess the students early in the year to develop instructional objectives that best meet their individual needs.

  • Transitional Kindergarten Language Arts focuses on developing foundational reading and language arts skills that prepare them to be lifelong readers, writers, and effective communicators.
  • Our Bible goal is for every student to develop a Christian worldview. We believe that each person’s existence is to know, love, and serve God. The TK student will develop this through both the knowledge and application of scripture, biblical truths, and Christian character lessons. 

  • Thematic Units establish the groundwork for further heritage studies and science learning. We integrate Christian content and cultivate a Christian worldview inviting children into the excitement of learning.   Our social studies units consist of community awareness, early American settlers, and Native Americans, Presidents, cultural heritage, and famous historians. We will study the Seven Continents and the Oceans throughout the year as well.

  • Our Science units consist of exploring God's universe through age appropriate and hands-on exploration of our world. We incorporate the scientific method and inferencing through science experiments, science logs and journaling, and projects. We cover nature, animal classifying, habitats, weather seasonal changes, pumpkins, apples, life cycles of man, animals and plants, with creation used as a basis for establishing a love of science and a creationist worldview.

  • Transitional Kindergarten Math focuses on developing foundational math skills. Student’s math topics include, but are not limited to time, money, number sense, grouping, sorting, ordering, and patterns. Students will learn basic principles of measurement and geometry. Lastly, students will discover the beginning concepts of addition and subtraction. Math activities in the transitional kindergarten class provide for growth in problem-solving through the use of concrete manipulatives such as Unifix cubes, geo-boards, pattern blocks, tangrams, Judy clocks, counting manipulatives, technology, games, and literature.

  • Our field trips consist of our trip to the pumpkin patch to wrap up our unit on pumpkins Students learn about the life cycle of the pumpkin and see farm animals as well as different foods grown on a farm. We also take a trip to the Nutcracker each year with the music teacher. This works well with our Christmas Around the World and Continents Units. In March we usually attend the science museum, with lots of hands on activities as well as a 3D movie on the Monarch butterfly, which reinforces our study on butterflies as well as science. We may see a play that goes with our literature/author study. Our end of the year celebration usually is a picnic or something with the family. We do have some fun dress up days like Dr. Seuss Day, 100 Day, Dalmation Day, and Disney Bounding Day.

  • The Transitional Kindergarten student will have exposure to the common content standards, but not necessarily master the skills expected for completion of kindergarten.
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