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TFCA High School Student Perform Well on Recent AP Tests

The results are in and TFCA high school students have performed well on recent Spring AP tests.

In May 2019 the following subject area tests were administered at TFCA:
AP World History-86%
AP US History-50%
AP Government - 25% (all 9th graders taking exam)
AP European History-100%
AP Computer Principles-100%
Overall, students performed ahead of the state in  AP World (state pass average is 54.8%), AP US History (state pass average is 47.9%), AP Computer Principles (state pass average is 62.6%),  and AP European History (state pass average is 48%).
In 2019-20, students will also have access to AP Computer Science and AP English Language & Composition.   

Posted Thursday, July 18, 2019