Library Schedule (2015-2016)


Kindergarten through 12th grade may check out books. Books are checked out weekly for grades K-5. MS/HS students may check out books for 2 weeks.


K-5 may check out two books. Grades 6-12 may check out up to four books.


The cost to replace lost books will be between $5.00-$20.00. The cost to replace it will be the price paid when ordered by the library.

MS/HS Summer Reading

TFCA Reading Log
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MSHS Parent Letter
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Library Wishlist

We could use books about holidays, seasons, five senses, space, zoo, farm, weather, insects, Native Americans, Colonial Days, American/Patriotic symbols. We need all grade levels for these books.

  • How To Draw books (animals, people, etc.)
  • Trixie Belden series
  • High School Musical books
  • Indiana Jones
  • Space
  • Biographies (current sports, political, movie/music, etc.). Biography books need to be at least 100 pages.
  • Books about Marines, Navy SEALs
  • American Girl books
  • Mummies-Egyptian mummification (no fiction)
  • Nancy Drew series
  • Hardy Boys
  • Little House on the Prairie series
  • Star Wars


Please contact Sandy Messinger if you have recommendations for books/series. All donated books should be new or very gently used! Hardcover books are preferred, but we will accept paperback books in very good condition.


We have a parent resource area in the Library! Parents are allowed to check out up to four books from this section. The books will be checked out under your child's name. All books must be checked out through Mrs. Messinger.